Upcoming Free Eye Campaign






Rural elderly poor have little or no access to eye care facilities that are by and large available only in urban centers. Often suffering from easily treatable ailments,such as cataract, they are forced to live a life dependent upon their sighted kin. S.W.O runs an Outreach Programme that aims at provide free eye care services to the poor patients who cannnot afford their treatment.

  • We are delighted to announce FREE EYE CAMP starting from the 4th week of the May 2017, and on the 3rd day of the camp we will take patients for the Cataract Eye Surgery. We have to,
  • Arrange place on rent, banners.
  • Have to pay funds to partner hospital.
  • Hiring transport for surgery patients.
  • Arrange the food for the patients in the hospital.
  • Arrange their post suregery medicines for the patients.

Your little donations can make a lot of difference in this campaign.

For donation click here